Case Study: Sam Klein

For many of our patients, their procedures can be life changing. Sam had some very specific worries that were all based around his nose - if you're reading this article, you may understand some of the feelings. 

"It's that constant worry. 'Did you get that photo of me where you're on that side of my face?'"

"When I'm getting married someday... standing at the altar with my nose on the side is something I'm dreading".

Sam kindly spoke to us on the day of his surgery, when he got his cast off, and 8 weeks after. It's amazing to see the positive impact this procedure has had on his life. As he said on the cast-off day:

"This is unbelievable, I can't explain it. I'm so happy, I feel like I need to celebrate!"

Then 8 weeks later...

"I can just walk into places and feel comfortable. I never think 'oh god, did they see me on my bad side?"

"I feel like it was holding me back. People said 'no it's not, it's just a nose'. But no, now I've had it done, I'm free. I feel free. It's an amazing feeling."

If you want to watch Sam's journey, see the 2 minute video below! Thank you, Sam, for sharing your journey with us - we’re thrilled to see you more confident and happy every time you come in!

2 minute watch - Sam's Rhinoplasty Journey

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Patient Interview: Emily - 6-weeks Post Operation

It's given me just so much more confidence and really improved my self-esteem. It's not something that I worry about anymore. It's improved my social life because I don't really say no to things that would have made me a bit uncomfortable before, and I like being in pictures.

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